Accounting Jobs in Malta

Accounting Job Vacancies in Malta

Candidates to fill in accounting positions are probably (together with IT positions) the most sought after in Malta. Accounting is a horizontal profession which all businesses require as a service. This, together with the fact that in Malta all business are legally required to carry our formal annual audits of their financial statements, means that demand for qualified accountants and accounting technicians is always high.

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Client Accounting & Auditing

There are many accounting and audit firms in Malta offering opportunities for career development in client accounting. The Big 4 audit firms are all present in Malta as are several other internationally renowned franchises which means that their employees often have opportunities for temporary or permanents placement outside of Malta. There is also a strong presence of small, and not so small, locally grown accounting and audit firms. These firms will service hundreds if not thousands of clients in terms of their accounting and audit needs and offer great opportunities for building experience with a wide variety of accounting and reporting tasks.

Financial Services & Gaming

Besides the opportunities that exist with accounting and audit firms, Malta’s strong financial services and gaming sectors in particular offer direct opportunities for accountants and accounting technicians. These are regulated sectors and the companies involved are required to hire a number of positions to ensure proper governance and controls. Accountants can be well suited to hold these financial positions which can include Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Officer, Money Laundering reporting Officer, Independent Director and others.

Studying while working

ACCA qualifications are usually taken by full time employees seeking who have to study in their own time. This can prove difficult and often progress is slow with high failure rates and many drop outs. However there is a recent programme offered in Malta where an ACCA can be completed in two years and study is carried out during the day. Also often ACCA is not required for the specific duties and accounting technician courses such as those offered by AAT are more suitable and easier to complete in less time. Contact Azure Rock Partners Ltd for more information on studying to achieve ACCA and AAT qualifications.

Accounting skills and experience can lead to more

As mentioned above accounting skills and experience can provide a suitable foundation for the carrying out of other duties in various sectors. Accounting duties often give access and high level visibility to a company’s operations and those running a company will need to have an understanding of cash flows. This places those, involved with the financials of a company in a good position to aspire to high level management roles.

Companies looking for accountants and accounting technicians can use Working Town to advertise their vacancies so it’s worth browsing through the latest vacancies listed there.