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Malta, an island with limited natural resources and limited – but highly efficient and qualified – human resources, has successfully managed to grow and diversify its economy and has thriving tourism, financial services, gaming, real estate, advertising and manufacturing sectors. There are opportunities in these sectors at all levels particularly for those seeking opportunities in accounting, compliance and risk management. Many companies will offer training incentives and opportunities as part of their program to develop and retain employees.

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Where to find vacancies in Malta

There are several avenues in Malta where job vacancies can be advertised from the more traditional newspaper ads, in particular the Sunday Times of Malta weekly classifieds supplement to online posting where there are various international sites and other site which specialise in jobs in Malta. Working Town offers options for employers and recruiters (on behalf of their clients) to post jobs and is initially focused on just Malta but is intended to reach a worldwide audience. Job seekers can apply directly for vacancies on the website, upload their CVs and write a covering letter without the need to send an email. Applying for a vacancy in Malta on Working Town will necessarily involve registering to the site as a Job Seeker or Candidate. This step is intended to avoid applicant who just sent a quick, mostly content-less email to potential employers. They can then update their work experience, job history and other details to help potential employers understand their background better. Job seekers also have the possibility to monitor their applications from their Working Town dashboard.

Recruitment agencies are also a good source of vacancies but usually they tend to focus on candidates who can potentially be placed with one of their clients for an already available vacancy. Agencies will probably not proactively look for a job for job seekers unless they are highly qualified and experienced, and can address a highly-sought after positions. Some agencies however, such as Azure Rock Partners Ltd do provide candidate-driven recruitment services.

Applying for vacancies in Malta

It is important when applying for any post – not just in Malta – to present oneself professionally. Many companies posting vacancies online receive applications with no CV attached and barely a covering letter. Applications such as these will likely be ignored in spite of the high demand for workers in Malta. Send in your application in full so that potential recruiters or employers can easily understand what you have to offer and how you can add value.

Malta enjoys a booming economy, low unemployment and potentially several opportunities for jobseekers given the limited availability of local workforce and the high demand for workers in several sectors. It is indeed a jobseeker’s market and companies are struggling both to find and retain talent. For those who look in the right place there are several opportunities that can be considered. English is an official language in Malta and it is the main business language used across all sectors of the economy.

Permits for working in Malta

Malta is a member of the European Union and as such EU citizens do not need a work permit to work. Non-EU citizens however will need a work permit, this can be a bureaucratic process although the Maltese Government is taking step to simplify this process.

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