Writing a Job Advert

In a tight labour market as the one we are in, we need to find different ways of attracting new talent to our organisation. The competition is fierce, and we are all struggling to receive enough applications to be able to short list from.

The success of remote working

Remote working is growing in popularity. Many employers are considering introducing remote working policies within their organisation but are hesitant in doing so. I’ve already written about how flexible working options are not for every business, but if it is for you, then changes may be required.

Situations of harassment at work

The Equality Act 2010 is there to protect the individual from being harassed at work, whether this behaviour is coming from the employer or from the individual’s colleagues. It covers a variety of contexts including comments and behaviours that may be regarded as aggressive or offensive, even if this is presented in a joking manner.

Know your rights at work

Everyone within the workplace is protected by the law and enjoys a number of rights to ensure that they can get fair treatment from their employer. These rights will vary depending on the type of job you do, the employment contract you have with your employer and a variety of other factors. Your rights will depend both on what is stated in your contract and what is set down in law.

Shaping your employer brand through recruitment

Think of each and every job applicant your organisation has had over the years and consider how you handled each and every one of them. Did you ensure that the job applicant’s first impression of the company was positive? Was the experience of those who were not employed positive too?